”…and the sky went black!” A podcast about the English longbow.


itunes-logo.jpgMay the English forgive us Swedes, but this is the premiere episode (a total of five episodes are planned) of the brand new podcast ”…and the sky went black!”, tales and history of the English longbow.

This first episode is called ”The English longbow in medieval warfare”, and is sort of an introduction. Later episodes will deal with The hundred years war, the decline of the longbow and many other things.

Behind this humble production are Henrik Arnstad, science journalist specialising in history, and historian Adam Westlund, specialising in medieval history.

Please comment below, regarding your thoughts about this episode. Thank you for tuning in! Listen below:

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  1. Hans Wanneby skriver:

    Just a point on the supposed time it would take to learn how to shoot a longbow/warbow. I started shooting with a 40 # bow at the age of 45. Four years later I could draw a 150 # bow and comfortably shoot with a 140 # bow. I am not a bodybuilder or used to hard labor, quite the opposite, rather I am a bit overweight. I have, though, always been naturally strong. My point is that most medieval men (working outdoors) would be able to both draw and shoot heavy bows with just a couple of years training or even less. So in reality there is no need to start at a very young age.

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