Glorious premiere for Saint Erik at the Marks


Anders Hedlund.

The premiere for Saint Erik at the Marks was a success, we are proud to say! Eleven archers competed at Runö, north of Stockholm. The results were as follows:

  1. Anders Hedlund, 44 points.
  2. Markus Nyström, 33 points.
  3. Anders Eriksson, 32 points.

Organising Sweden’s first open championship in Shooting at the Marks, we are happy to notice the growing interest in this form of archery. There was plenty of media attention, covering our competition, such as:

The Sagittarii Holmiae would like to thank Anette Issa, responsible for organising the competition, and Tomas Tjernberg, who makes our marks (they are gorgeous!).

Above all, a huge thank you to all the archer’s and all the people to came to watch (and help out with security)! We will see you again at the next Saint Erik at the Marks!

(all results further down on this web page)

Archer’s supper.

All results in the format of name, total score (12s, 7s, 3s):

  1. Anders Hedlund, 44 (2, 2, 2).
  2. Markus Nyström, 33 (0, 3, 4).
  3. Anders Eriksson, 32 (1, 2, 2).
  4. Tore Eriksson, 26 (1, 2, 0).
  5. Henrik Arnstad, Beppe Persson, Tomas Tjernberg, 26 (0, 2, 4).
  6. Martin Vårdstedt, 23 (0, 2, 3).
  7. Charlie Porsbjer, 20 (0, 2, 2).
  8. Adam Westlund, 18 (0, 0, 6).
  9. Anette Issa, 9 (0, 0, 3).





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