The English longbow (warbow) vs plate armour: Are the tests on Youtube asking the wrong questions?

The Sagittarii Holmiae enters the debate! Two of our historians discuss the popular Youtube videos, testing the English longbow (warbow) vs plate armour, worn by knights and men-at-arms during the late medieval period.

While often well made, these test-videos often miss the most important factors, considering the competition between longbowmen and knights. What more can be learned from medieval sources, regarding fighting techniques and tactics?

Medieval historian Adam Westlund (M.A.) and Henrik Arnstad (M.A.), both captains of the Sagittarii Holmiae, try to broaden the debate using some alternative perspectives.

For further reading, especially regarding the blunt trauma blow power of longbow arrows, we recommend the book ”War Bows”, by Mike Loades. The video was filmed at the Medieval Museum, Stockholm.

Youtube-tests shown in the video:

ARROWS vs ARMOUR – Medieval Myth Busting:

Longbow versus breastplate – which will win?

English Longbows vs late-medieval plate armour:

Medieval longbow: How do medieval warbows and armour compare to modern equipment



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