Pictures, video and results ”Saint Erik at the Marks” 2019

On June 29th 2019 the ”Saint Erik at the Marks” shoot took place on the meadows surrounding Stockholm University. Here are the results:

The flight shoot was won by Henrik Arnstad.

The speed shoot results:

  1. David Brasgalla; 17 points.
  2. Tomas Carrfors; 14 points.
  3. Hanna Lilliesköld Rickberg; 3 points.

The results of the shoot ”at the marks”:

  1. Tomas Carrfors; 97 points.
  2. David Brasgalla; 65 points.
  3. Hanna Lilliesköld Rickberg; 33 points.
  4. Ewa Staël von Holstein; 26 points.
  5. Per Karlson; 24 points.
  6. Henrik Arnstad; 23 points.
  7. Claes Lilliesköld; 20 points.
  8. Jessica Halsius; 14 points.

Ultra-light scores (below 25 pounds of draw-weight):

  1. Olle Staël von Holstein; 65 points.
  2. Lo Arnstad; 25 points.

The first twelve of the day was shot by Per Karlson. Captain of the shoot was Leif Carrfors.



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