The Company in Liverpool and beyond!


Henrik enjoys himself in The Longbow Shop, among the Ravenbeaks.

Alas, the Stockholm Company of Longbow Archers (Sagittarii Holmiae) went to the North of England, for a shopping spree at The Longbow Shop in Liverpool and a two-day shoot at charming Crosby Hall Estate.

Three new bows were bought at the shop. Per and Leif bought stunning Ravenbeaks and Anette got herself a gorgeous Adrian Hayes-bow. Pernilla purchased material for her fletching and myself (Henrik) got some arrows and plenty of great stuff for the Company’s activities back home.

The weekend shoot consisted of clout shooting (Saturday) and artillery shoot at the marks (Sunday). The weather was wonderful, and so was the friendly company of archers from all over England.

Saturday evening, we had archer’s supper and Brian of the ILAA entertained us with a lecture, regarding the history of the longbow.

Our gratitude to the friends of The Longbow Club  for excellence in organising this wonderful september weekend. Hope to see you all again, very soon!

Per, Leif, Anette, Pernilla and Brian at Crosby.




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